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Te Muna Valley

Nestled in the Te Muna Valley, which translates to "special or secret place" in te reo Maori, Pond Paddock Vineyard lies 7 kilometers east of Martinborough.

Te Muna Valley is a hidden treasure in the world of wine, renowned for its breathtaking scenery and exceptional production of premium wines.

Numerous boutique wineries are found in Te Muna Valley, each showcasing a distinct winemaking style. The valley's warm and sunny climate and alluvial soil make it an ideal spot for growing premium grapes like Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. Intense flavours, bright aromas, and lengthy, satisfying finishes characterise the wines crafted here.

Te Muna Valley

Our Story

The name Pond Paddock was given to the place years before the first vineyard owner bought the property. At the back of the property, against the hill, there are a pond and stream. The locals thought that this name acknowledged the history of the land.

In 1999, the original owners, Jeff Barber and Christine Barnett chose to develop the Pond Paddock vineyard in Te Muna Valley, Martinborough. 

Between 2000 and 2013 they worked hard to create one of the best Pinot Noir of Martinborough.

In August 2013, Daniele Alemagna, seduced by the idyllic landscape of the Te Muna valley, decided to purchase this beautiful established vineyard. Despite having no experience in the field of viticulture and winemaking, he was determined to combine passion and commitment to produce quality wines. His aim was also to let his children know about his nascent passion for wine production. Indeed, the vineyard exists for the next generation.

To realize this project, he turned to Simone Amorese, a young and talented Italian winemaker and winegrower originally from Piedmont, one of the most famous wine regions in northwestern Italy. After obtaining his diploma in oenology, he decided in 2012 to carry out a work experience in New Zealand. After working for several wineries in the Wairarapa, he accepted Daniele's proposal to undertake the Pond Paddock project together. Thus, since 2013 Simone has been managing the vineyard daily, where wine is made with passion.

Our Story

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that "the character of quality wine begins in the vineyard". We put a great deal of effort into managing our vineyard to produce the best possible fruit in an efficient and sustainable way. All of Pond Paddock's vineyard work is done by hand: from pruning to harvesting.
As a family, we are devoted to sustainability in our viticulture. Our creed is: "act responsibly for future generations". Consequently, we strive to employ the best environmentally friendly practices to improve sustainable business operations and products.

It is essential for us to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and inhabit a place where hazardous substances are not used or stored

Our Philosophy
Wine Barrels

Pre Production Monitoring

At Pond Paddock, we dedicate ourselves heart and soul to our land and craft. Work, rigor, patience and savoir-faire are keys to making Pond Paddock’s wines.
The care and maintenance of the vineyard is essential to ensure healthy, fine fruit-bearing vines and long life to the plant. It is a year-round task and each vine is touched by our hands several times during the seasons.

Pre Producion

Harvest and

This is the time when we celebrate all the work that has been done in the vineyard over the year.

Our winemaker will check the sugar levels of the fruit as well as its flavors. Timing is everything, and once the fruit is at its best we pick the grapes gently by hand.

Our winemaker at our winery diligently works with the grapes to produce an excellent wine. By utilizing a classic wine-making method, we take advantage of what the harvest season has to offer to achieve the utmost outcome from the grapes.

It is our conviction that the different facets of wine-making are revealed in the individual character of each bottle of wine.

Harvest & Winemaking
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